How We Work

Highly Structured

Having what is needed in the right place at the right time


Digital pictures provide consistent information to our assembly teams so that nothing is lost in translation.


Continuous Process Improvements




Continuous Improvement


Material Management and Logistics

  • We focus on Just-In-Time deliveries so that material travels directly from receiving to point of consumption
  • We incorporate single stock locations for our materials
  • We ensure that materials and product is consumed “First-In-First-Out”
  • We ensure that our material inventory turns are measured and visible
  • We utilize kanban signals as a visual mechanism to manage our inventories and supply

  • Our Management Philosophy



    • Team Member Training
    • Team Problem Solving Activities
    • “Floor Walk” kickoff meetings

    Red Carpet Logistics and Distribution

    Multi-Faceted Processing Knowledge Base

    • Bulk
    • Cross Dock
    • Value Added Service
    • Pick/Pack
    • Pack and Hold
    • Reverse Logistics

    Process Controls Custom Tailored

    • FIFO
    • LIFO
    • Inventory Control
    • Robust WMS

    Amtech Warehouse Management Systems Attributes

    • Designed for Manufacturing
    • RF Allows for End to End Product Tracking

    Account Specific Inventory Control and SOP's

    • Cycle Count Program
    • Annual Wall to Wall
    • Process Specific SOP’s
    • Customer Specified KPI’s

    A Partnership with Pflug Packaging and Fulfillment

    Will bring you, our customer, the following


    • Process Controls That Allows For Consistent and Improved Cost Per Unit

    • An Operational Culture In Alignment with Current and Ongoing Demands

    • A Flexible Labor Pool is Ready For Increased Volume and Last Minute Demands

    • Real Time Visibility Into Our Process and Your Product

    • Continued Consistent High Level Quality Production and Logistics, Protecting You From Start Up Pitfalls

    • Highest Quality

    • Controlled Operational Cost

    • Minimized Lead Time

    • Customer Satisfaction