Supply Chain Management

Pflug Packaging has the relationships and experience to satisfy most all supply chain requirements.  From shipping logistics, packaging procurement, inspections, warehousing and cross-docking, Pflug will work with you to assure that your products are delivered to your distributor or retailer on-time and within budget.  On-site, Pflug Packaging uses software that allows your remote access to show the progress and inventory levels of your products.

See the certifications page under “How We Work” to see our enrollment in programs that maintain high levels of compliance and excellence.


Great Services

Pflug packaging is a third party logistics company that delivers top of the class supply chain solutions ranging from shipping logistics, packaging procurement, warehousing etc. We have vast experience in various logistics tasks and guarantee to deliver great service and 3rd party logistics solutions to our various clients.

State of the art facilities

At Pflug packaging we boast of having some of the best state of the art equipment to handle various third party logistics needs of our highly esteemed clients. We have the various state of the art equipment ranging from great machinery to excellent storage facilities to even meet the demands of the most demanding clients.

Reasonable and Affordable Prices

At Pflug packaging we believe in offering our clients for value for their money. We offer some of the best price quotations in the third party logistics space. We also offer the best services in the market making us one of the most eligible choices when it comes to your third party logistics needs.

Various types of 3rd Party Logistics Companies

Third party logistics service providers can take many forms such as courier companies, freight forwarders etc. there are mainly four categories of 3rd party logistics. These include:

  • The standard 3rd party logistics provider, this is usually the most ubiquitous third party logistics provider. They normally perform mundane tasks such as picking and packaging, warehouse storage and also the distribution businesses to retailers and wholesalers.
  • In the second category there exists the service developer. This type of 3rd party logistics firm offers its clients high end value added services such as tracking inventory, cross-docking, custom packaging or providing unique security systems to take care of your products.
  • The third category is taken by the customer adapter, this type of 3rd party logistics firm takes over the customer side of the business by offering logistics solutions. This types of firms normally improve the logistic aspect of the business for they normally have vast experience and skills.
  • The fourth and final category is inhabited by the customer developer, this normally is the most elite level a 3rd party logistics provider can reach. At this level a 3rd party logistics firm basically has integrated itself with the customer and takes over the entire logistics function. These firms will have few clients but will perform detailed tasks for their clients.

Benefits of selecting Pflug packaging company

We have some of the best equipment and a professional team to take care of your various third party logistics needs. This makes us one of the best 3rd party logistics firms out there.

We guarantee the best results and efficiency due to our vast experience in the 3rd party logistics industry.

We have some of the best storage facilities in the market, they can cater to a wide variety of goods, including highly perishable goods. We also have some of the best security systems installed this ensures your products are also safe.

We have a proven track record of excellence and normally work with integrity. Our clients’ can rest assured they are making the right choice by partnering with us.