Thank you for visiting our website.  With a facility of over 410,000 square feet, and a team of people that can number in the hundreds, we work on a variety of projects.  Please explore our pages to learn more about our services, and how your business could benefit by contracting with us to execute value-added packaging assignments, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Our customers realize cost savings by trusting us with packaging, inspection, warehousing, and fulfillment services.  Our “Quick Strike” team has helped many reputable brands out of crisis situations by quickly turning around re-label, repack, inspections, and other services that are caused by product recalls, mislabeling at the factory or packer, defective packaging and similar issues that arise with packaged goods.  Please give us a call so we can discuss your needs and requirements.  Please schedule a time to come visit our facility.

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Some popular materials and services we provide:

Great Packaging = Club Store Success

At the heart of the club-store model is a system of high-volume sales, low-cost purchasing, and efficient distribution, all of which are dependent in varying degrees to product packaging. According to the Warehouse Club Intelligence Center, “Packaging is one of the single most important components of a warehouse club program.” Costco, for instance, is constantly evolving their specific expectations for supplier packaging. There are several elements that have come to define the club-store pack. These include retail-ready designs, outstanding graphics communications, innovation, and most recently, low environmental impact.


Private Label Programs

Extend the reach of your products and increase your profits by having us manage your private label program.  We have all the tools necessary to support your success as you sell your products to retailers that are looking to use their brand on packing and labels.  The amount of private label products are expected to grow rapidly as retailers look to provide customers with a more intimate experience that is aimed at dependable pricing, and loyalty to their location.  Experienced CPG suppliers rely on a balance of private label, house brand, and corporate brand sales to meet their velocity and profitability goals.  Pflug Packaging makes it easy for you to offer private label and house branded products with a complete suite of services designed to make your products available on time.


Packaging Procurement

Designing and executing success point-of-purchase (POP) programs can be very difficult for most manufacturers and co-packers.  Usually POP programs are viewed as a major interruption to the flow of goods through a production line, and the extra handling can be very expensive.

Manage your expense and embrace the opportunity to place as many POP displays as feasible within your market area.  Don’t settle for a simple product displays constructed from your products alone, when high impact POP displays will increase your sales and show retailers that you are up to the challenge of making their retail space an exciting environment for shoppers.


Wine and Beverages

Pflug Packing has extensive experience in packaging, labeling, and shipping wine and beverages.  All necessary compliance with government and third party certifiers has been achieved so you can trust Pflug Packaging to be a partner committed to your success in the marketplace.  Flexibility evident in the processes provided by Pflug means more opportunity to expand your distribution into other lucrative channels including club store, private label, food service, corporate gift and promotion, and other markets.


Unique Marketing Claims (NOP, nonGMO, Gluten Free, etc.)

Make sure your customers know how your products match their lifestyle choices.  Your investment in high quality ingredients, and third-party certification and verification needs to be matched with proper package design and labeling to convey your value-added ingredients.  Pflug Packaging has all the registrations and relationships in place to assure supply chain compliance.  No need to redesign your current package when Pflug Packaging can add labels, shrink wrap, POP displays, and more to highlight your unique marketing claim.


Package Design & Procurement

Package design is your primary weapon in the battle for hearts and minds, and we believe it isn’t enough to simply stand out. We have the work flow to experience many styles and materials used to package a wide range of products and requirements. We know what will work for you throughout the supply chain. We possess fine-tuned packaging skills and knowledge that can help position your product and get it to jump off the shelf and attach to your consumer emotionally.  Our customers depend on us to procure packaging materials that work!



We work with thermal transfer, video jet, and pressure sensitive labels, as well as shrink and glue-and-apply label applications. We will also remove and / or replace torn or outdated labels on individual product. If desired, we can print barcode, product code, and USDA labels directly on the product case. As part of our total customer satisfaction practices we will assist our customers with the design and placement of their product labels to insure compliance, and positive customer behavior.

Our capabilities also include barcode and lot codes verification using label printers with barcode readers built in to prevent non-readable codes. We can handle special labeling, including SKU label applications and UPC label printing. Labels can be designed, produced, and/or applied in various sizes at the bar code, case code, or pallet level.


Product Inspections

Pflug Packaging and Fulfillment’s Product Quality Inspections will help to protect your brand and your company’s reputation by minimizing defective merchandise, customer complaints, non-compliant products, and late shipments.

It is imperative that manufacturers verify that the products manufactured, shipped and distributed under their brand name meet regulations and their own specific requirements.  As an independent, third party inspection and testing company, Pflug Packaging and Fulfillment can conduct a variety of on-site inspections to ensure that your brand, reputation and consumers are protected.


Tray Forming

With literally hundreds of designs to choose from, trays represent an economical entry point when it comes to an efficient design which can reduce corrugate cost. First used in the produce industry, tray designs have become increasingly recognized as a universal packaging option that readily lends itself to unusual product shapes and applications. Easily stackable and lockable with other trays and featuring a one-piece construction, solid bottom design, the smooth exterior of each tray provides ample surface area for printed graphics and marketing messages. The open top design enhances product marketing appeal and is perfect for various retail shelf displays.


Shrink Sleeves and Cartons

Shrink sleeve application services are offered for a wide range of containers and materials, such as glass, plastic, and metal. Shrink sleeve provide an easy way to offer multiple lables (brands) using the same production unit.  Design elements can include embossing, metallics, and vivid graphics that will get your buyers’ attention.

Our printed cartons are designed with proven stacking qualities, easy handling characteristics, and a targeted advertising space. We also provide printed cartons with your logo or other graphics of choice. A sample printed carton along with your desired graphics and products packaged in it can be provided in 2 – 3 weeks. With our comprehensive quality control procedures, mistakes such as fingerprint smudges and title mix-ups are completely eliminated.


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