POP Displays, Package Design and Procurement

Package design is your primary weapon in the battle for hearts and minds, and we believe it isn’t enough to simply stand out. We have the work flow to experience many styles and materials used to package a wide range of products and requirements. We know what will work for you throughout the supply chain. We possess fine-tuned packaging skills and knowledge that can help position your product and get it to jump off the shelf and attach to your consumer emotionally.  Our customers depend on us to procure packaging materials that work!

Designing and executing success point-of-purchase (POP) programs can be very difficult for most manufacturers and co-packers.  Usually POP programs are viewed as a major interruption to the flow of goods through a production line, and the extra handling can be very expensive.

Manage your expense and embrace the opportunity to place as many POP displays as feasible within your market area.  Don’t settle for a simple product displays constructed from your products alone, when high impact POP displays will increase your sales and show retailers that you are up to the challenge of making their retail space an exciting environment for shoppers.